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Web Site Integration

It is important that even small and medium sized businesses have a Web Site that is integrated with the rest of their marketing activities.  Leads Source, as it designs and implements a marketing program for a client, makes sure that the key messaging of the program is reinforced by the clients Web Site, business cards, brochures, advertising, etc.  After we have analyzed a client's market and worked with a client to review their Marketing/Sales Plan, we determine the requirements for the client's Web Site.

We work with a group of Web Developers, with which we have both experience and confidence, to achieve a tight integration of Marketing Program with Web Site by applying the particular skills of particular developers to our client's Web Site.  Depending upon the requirements of the site, we will select one or more developers that are a good fit with our client's requirements.

The process we go through, with out clients, in order to achieve Web Site Integration are as follows

  • Goals - Determine the goals for the Web Site.  What is the desired end results of visit to the site?
  • Design - What are the elements, the look and feel of the site, that mesh seamlessly with the other elements of the Marketing Program?  What are the various pages and the functions of each?
  • Work Plan - Create a work plan that identifies the steps that will be taken by each party.  Who is responsible for what?  Determine the input and output of each step, their interdependencies, a timeline, and the cost of executing the plan.
  • Assembly, Development and testing - Collect the copy and graphics that will be incorporated into the site, create the various pages and data handling processes and implement a prototype site.  The prototype will be tested thoroughly by the developer, by Leads Source, by the client, and a panel selected by the client and Leads Source.  The function of the panel is to "try on" the Web Site and to comment on the experience of a visit to the site through a detailed questionnaire and a brief interview.
  • Launch - The Web Site is brought up in its final domain and name, Search Engines are informed of its location, and the site is tuned for Search Engine Optimization.

Through the above process, either a new Web Site is created, or an existing Web Site is given a "make over" so that it blends in and reinforces the objectives of the Marketing Program.



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