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Telephone Follow-up

Our expertise is in setting up and running campaigns, and sometimes actually making the calls. We independently source, monitor and control external call specialists, thereby maintaining a high standard of service for you. If you prefer to make the follow-up calls yourself, we will train and coach you through the process.

Before starting on a telephone follow-up project, we work with you to put together a Strategic Telephone Follow-up Plan, which will look to your target customers, your unique selling points and your campaign objectives. We then refine the call proposition so it may have a better chance of success.

Working closely with you, we then independently control the following steps:

  • Prepare a call guide. It is vital that this is prepared and presented in the best way to meet your objectives, but we do not believe in word-for-word scripts.
  • Source a targeted database of prospects - this can be a trade list, Dun & Bradstreet list, Info USA list, subscriber lists or a financial data list.
  • Source call specialists who we have worked well with in the past or screen new call specialists.
  • Train the call specialists (or you) using role-play and similar techniques.
  • Monitor the call specialists in order to maintain a high quality of service and feedback for you.

Appointment Setting / Lead Generation

This involves the call specialists telephoning prospects on your behalf:

  • Confirming the contact details of the decision makers.
  • Introducing your company, products or services to the decision-maker with the objective of making a confirmed appointment.
  • Prospects sometimes ask to be sent company or product literature before confirming a meeting. In this case and only if they are seriously interested, we will forward details to you so that you can send appropriate literature, or we will send.
  • This mailing would be followed up a few days later with the intention of making a confirmed appointment.
  • Data from the calls will be sent to you for your future use.


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