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Program Cost Comparisons

MICRO MARKETING is intended to pay for itself quickly through the consistent development of good, reliable, on going new business.

The following steps will help you analyze the comparative value of a MICRO MARKETING program in relation to existing services in your market:

  • Verify the market potential for yourself. Call a mail list broker and ask for a count of all the businesses in your market that you might sell to. Ask the list broker the cost of his list on disk (about $400 minimum).
  • Next, visit a local software store and/or search The Web. Try to find a complete new business development program. (Yes, you will find many single purpose programs - The Greatest 100 Sales Letters or Business Plans Made Easy - but you won't find everything you need in one program.) Add up the cost of individual software programs - mail merge, web site creation, custom printing, developing sales letters, desk top publishing, telemarketing programs, etc. (about $450).
  • Call a copy writer and ask the charge for developing a new business letter or new business postcard series or web site content ($450 to $2,000).
  • Call a telemarketing company and ask the charge for a telemarketing call prep sheet, script, and call tracking evaluation forms  ($500 to $800).
  • Call a business consultant and ask the charge for doing a basic market analysis - your position, competition, potential ($2,500 to $5,000). 

The total charge is what you would pay to buy the same services available from MICRO MARKETING. And you would need to coordinate and integrate all the individual pieces yourself.

Two Important Considerations
First off, every MICRO MARKETING program is geared to meeting your particular needs. We are not selling a single service (at a fixed price) as much as we're offering a solution set of services...which are keyed to your existing situation, near and long term growth plans and budget.

Secondly, With MICRO MARKETING, you'll learn useful marketing skills which can help you build sales for any business...with or without our help.

With MICRO MARKETING, you will know more about your buyer and your market than your competition will. And in this Age Of Information, knowledge is the key to winning the game. 

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