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Leads Source, Inc.
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Rochester, NY 14623
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First Step Trial

These materials are allowing me to put together my own program on marketing a specialized service to resell to others. The time reduction and sizzle that your material adds is incredible. And I most appreciate your phone support and genuine commitment to my success.

Rod L. Pennock

Taking the first step is still
the key to getting to the top…of anything. 
In order for you to make certain that our MICRO MARKETING program truly fits your needs, we suggest you test our program before making a complete purchase.

If you open any road map, you can figure out what route to take to reach your destination...providing you know one simple fact - where you’re starting from.

The same is true in business. You must know where you are before you can set a plan to reach your goals. With that in mind and to enable you to see just how effective MICRO MARKETING really is, take the first step.

Fill out one simple work sheet and we’ll do a market analysis of where your business is in relation to your competition.
How many competitors you have (local, regional, national)
What’s your industry’s average annual sales (local, regional, national)
How stable is your industry - is it growing or shrinking
Where is your competitive pressure - from larger or smaller companies

Through the first step trial, you will learn important information about your market, your competition and where you and they fit in the marketplace.

As an incentive, we will split the cost of your market analysis. Your charge will cover all research, program materials, report preparation and a single (telephone conference call) review session.

Assessment: A low cost way to learn more about your market and how we can help you build business. (And remember, program results are guaranteed.)

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