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Considering Goals and Budgets

I just wanted to place on record how very impressed I am with the quality of your Micro Marketing programme. I have got to know it pretty well and in my view it is an absolute winner in helping small businesses market themselves more effectively in the UK.

I would also like to add that the level of support I have received from you during this period has made everything very much easier than it might otherwise have been.  Many thanks.

Letitia G Billson
London, England

The journey is always
easier if you can see
where others have gone.
In any business growth plan, two key questions are: One, what is a new business account worth to my company (short and long term) and two, what is it going to cost my company to get a new account?

At the same time, it is important to understand that what one company can spend to build business is not the same for all companies.

With that in mind, we work with you to determine…

What is the basic value of a new account to your business near and long term. (There is no point investing one thousand dollars to win a new account if that new account is only going to be worth one hundred dollars long term.)

What is a realistic growth goal for your business within your industry and your market area. (You may want to make a million dollars with your business but if everyone else in your industry is making twenty thousand a year, you better consider adjusting your goals and expectations.)

What is a marketing budget that is appropriate to win what amount of new business. (If you are earning one hundred thousand a year, you can’t invest two hundred thousand in your marketing campaign.)

What is the combination of MICRO MARKETING program services (with financing if necessary) that will meet your goals without disrupting your budget. (Take what you need and leave the rest. It really is important to always have enough money for a little golf or dinner out with your family.)

Assessment: MICRO MARKETING is a smart buy because you determine and control your growth costs...not us or anyone else.

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