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I have been in the direct mail industry for years but have never seen such a well thought out program that meets the needs of small businesses …. who want to build relationships with prospects and turn them into valuable clients.

David C. Hancock
North Carolina

You can get anywhere if you have the right vehicle.

MICRO MARKETING is a smart little program based on a very simple concept: If you can identify a buying market, develop a logical sales message keyed to the interests of that buying market and align one with the other, you can achieve excellent results.

We have refined the MICRO MARKETING concept with practical application. Over the past twelve years, we have developed more than 500 marketing programs for small companies in 107 industries in 91 markets across the country. We use these proven program models to build a custom program for your business.  Specifically…

  • We can do a market analysis (details).
  • We can develop your new business prospect lists (details).
  • We can develop your sales presentation materials (details).
  • We can develop your telemarketing follow up materials (details)
  • We can develop your web site (details).
  • We can develop all your program follow up materials (details).

MICRO MARKETING is designed to reach your primary buying market with a message that will consistently distinguish your company and your offer from your competition. 

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