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Your Future Competition...

I have seen a lot of programs in the past. Most of them were more hype than anything else. I fully believe in the concept of Micro Marketing and it's benefits for small business in meeting their new business goals. It works!

Loren Hansen

It's a bright future…for those who steer their own course.

Small Business is the most competitive segment of today's business world and it will only become more competitive in the future. Consider…

Today, 91 of every 100 companies in America have less than ten employees. And the small business population will continue to grow as…

  • Downsized executives are choosing independent work over another corporate assignment.
  • Stay-at-home men and women are starting home based businesses during school hours.
  • Younger workers are searching for less traditional ways to earn a living.
  • Retirees are launching second careers.
  • More corporations are outsourcing work.

As a result, a new home based business starts every 11 seconds. By the end of 2006, more than 50 million Americans will work from small independent offices or from their homes.

To survive (and grow), present and future businesses must generate sales and those sales will come from existing markets, taken from existing suppliers.  Simple question: Will you beat the competition or will the competition beat you? 

Assessment: Your market will continue to be highly competitive. If you're interested in a competitive advantage, explore MICRO MARKETING. Simple enough, MICRO MARKETING can significantly help you compete...successfully.

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