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Leads Source, Inc.
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Rochester, NY 14623
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Our Services…the details & implications 

Market Analysis
We do a simple overview of your market position and your competitive position. Then, we do an overview of your potential markets. Using six market criteria, we help you clearly identify the industry groups who have the need for what you offer and the money to make a purchase.

Your Advantage: No guesswork. You'll know first hand which markets are worth pursuing. So, no waste; better results.

Prospect List Development
Based on the market analysis, we will develop prospect market profiles by industry, size, maturity, culture and economic strength. Then, we'll license and purchase your new business prospect  list one small target group at a time.

Your Advantage: You'll save time and money by focusing only on qualified prospects. And you'll buy only the size list that you need...not a list filled with junk records to meet some arbitrary minimum order size.

Message Development
We will develop a sales message that is keyed to your prospect's real needs. We will match your prospect's needs with the best benefits of your offer. Simply put, your sales message becomes smart, logical and fully aligned. Plus, we transpose your message into a variety of different forms: Sales letter, postcard series, email, no-reach fax, pre-call prep sheet, and follow up call script.

Your Advantage: All your sales presentation materials are logical, designed from the buyer's point of view. Plus they're integrated, designed to work together. In total, your sales message is developed as a personal message, aligned one-to-one, from you to the client. (And personal messages get opened and read.)

Web Site
Today, a web site is a 'must have' for every business. We will develop or upgrade your web site based on a simple premise. Since we are in 'The Age Of Information', a web site should be information based...not an expensive, collection of bells and whistles.

Your web site will be smart, logic based and aligned with your prospect's 'need to know' buying decision process. At the same time, it will be attractive and interesting enough so that you will use it as a direct sales tool and referral.  Further, we will teach you how to make site changes yourself and track site traffic.

Your Advantage: You'll save time and money having a web site that is integrated and keyed to your overall sales strategy. You'll also save by not needing to bring in an expert every time you want to make a change in site content. Finally, you'll save by tracking site traffic yourself. You'll know if your web site works and how well!

Telephone Follow Up
We will provide you with complete pre-call, call, and post-call telephone follow-up materials.

Your Advantage: You'll have a complete set of materials to help make your prospect follow up calls easier and more effective. You won't ever feel you're 'selling your soul' to make a sale.

On Going Alignment
With our evaluation materials, you use the feedback from each contact with each prospect group to update and adjust your program approach to the next group. In short, you can accurately measure the effective of all your program elements.

Your Advantage: You'll save time and money with a tested and proven closed loop information system - a system that is simple and accurate, a system that can help you monitor results and make logical changes to improve performance.

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