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Every Time

Your personal assistance and guidance have been particularly helpful. You have made yourself available whenever necessary to help me get going. Your support in simply discussing general strategy has been even more helpful. It seems like you're always ready to help.

John McNair
New Hampshire

Everything is easier with a
little help from a friend.

MICRO MARKETING works consistently well because it is based on a proven, fully integrated, closed loop model. Each program element is designed to work with every other element and all steps in the process lead back to the first step. 

In practice, MICRO MARKETING dramatically improves the alignment between an offer and the potential market. 

Alignment - The critical element
Imagine that you own a service business and I own a service business. Both our businesses are the best in our respective industries. We both decide to expand into the biggest and richest market in the country, Orange County, California.

Within months, you're rich and I'm broke. But why?

My service is the best in my industry just as your service is the best in your industry. And the market is big and rich. Why did you succeed and why did I go broke?

The answer is alignment.

You offer a pool cleaning service. I offer an ice skate sharpening service. You have alignment with a warm weather market and I don't.

Alignment is what makes a marketing program succeed. It is the top priority of every MICRO MARKETING program.

Assessment: There are services that can provide a mailing list and there are services that can help you develop a sales letter. But there is no other program or service anywhere (that we know of) which provides a complete, fully aligned marketing program...with results guaranteed.

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