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Small Business

MICRO  MARKETING by Leads Source, Inc.

A Proven New Business Development Program

Learning about micro marketing has been among the most valuable and practical opportunities I have ever explored. The concept is simple yet intelligent. Any business person can learn it and have at their disposal, a means of marketing which is methodic and inexpensive.

Bill Ranieri

If you can see the light,
You can find your way.

The name of the game is…Sales. Ultimately, it is the measure of every business venture. Increase sales and your business will grow. And at the same time, it will provide you with more personal income to go where you want and do what you want.

But, you and I both know the realities of running a small business. It's not easy. Still, some succeed. And more than a few succeed with the help of MICRO MARKETING.

MICRO MARKETING is a smart, business-to-business marketing program based on a fully proven model.

In simple terms, our MICRO MARKETING program can help you:

  • determine your competitive position within a market,
  • define your best potential growth markets,
  • develop your best sales message to each market,   
  • improve the alignment between your offer and each target market and
  • determine what size program will be the most effective and efficient.

In total, MICRO MARKETING can help you reach your goals without your spending a lot of time or money. And results are guaranteed.





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