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Leads Source, Inc.
125 Highpower Road
Rochester, NY 14623
P: 585.269.3800
F: 585.269.3801



Leads Source offers a FREE 1-hour consultation to all potential clients. If we are of the opinion that your strategies and tactics are sound we will tell you. However if we believe that there are some areas in which we could help, we will prepare a FREE Strategy Report.

We will then discuss The Strategy Report with you at a second meeting. Any proposals we include in the Report will contain the associated price. We will offer alternative proposals, wherever possible and the difference in price and result. You will know the cost and expected outcome before you consider going ahead.

Both of the initial meetings are completely free of charge and carry no obligation to proceed. At worst, you may gain an outline of what Leads Source believes should be your approach to achieve your objectives. At best, the meetings could lead to improved marketing strategy, leading to enhanced revenue, leads and profit for your business.


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