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Leads Source, Inc.
125 Highpower Road
Rochester, NY 14623
P: 585.269.3800
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Customer Database

Leads Source will work with clients who do not have a formal customer database or are not maximizing its usefulness or revenue return.

Increase your return from current clients
Leads Source will identify five ways to segment and target your customers to boost Lifetime Customer Value with simple Database Strategies:

  • Increase their retention rate
  • Improve the referral rate
  • Increase their spending rate
  • Decrease your direct costs
  • Decrease your marketing costs

New Lead Development
For prospecting and lead generation, Leads Source will show you how to add intelligence and value to contact lists. If you wish, Leads Source will create a process for acquiring, and maintaining key information about your prospective customers.

80-20 Rule
20% of the contacts in a list will buy 80% of your product or service. We will show you proven ways to identify which of the contacts belong to this high potential group.

Sales Effectiveness
How can you allocate your marketing investment, your sales reps time, or your sales management time for maximum effect? Leads Source' principals have achieved measurable success in delivering results and can do it for you.

We will show you how to create a tailored program focused on contacts who belong to specific market segments with the highest potential for your business.

Leads Source can work with you to build a more accurate sales forecasting tool and establish sales quotas by product, by region or by territory which will be accurate, and better yet - will be attained.


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