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Leads Source, Inc.
125 Highpower Road
Rochester, NY 14623
P: 585.269.3800
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Leads Source Consulting Services

Market Research
Want to find out if you should jump into a new market or invest more resources in the market you're in already?

Let us do the legwork! We'll help you find the most promising niches and help you go where your competitors aren't! We'll research the size of the market, its growth rate, the major players, pricing, positioning and more! Then we'll sit down with you and recommend the best and most profitable way to go!

Here are some examples of market research projects that we can complete:

  • Help entrepreneurs determine their market potential
  • Find the hottest markets for a firm's initial product
  • Help a firm assess the viability of a new product
  • Help a company find new revenue streams from existing customers

Strategy Session
Do you have a hot, little company that's attracting interest from investors and bankers? Are you considering a merger, a strategic partnership, an acquisition of a competitor? Do you need help sorting out your strategic options to choose the best course of action for your company and the best deal for you personally?

We can help! At Leads Source, our experienced consultants and partners have started, helped build, and arranged strategic partnerships for companies. Because we've been there and done it, we'll help you formulate a winning strategy, analyze your options and structure a deal that makes sense for you and your company. And we'll tailor our approach to suit your budget and your needs!

Our strategic services include:

  • Full-day strategy session with Leads Source principals and appropriate resource partners
  • Valuation Analysis
  • "Big Meeting" Preparation
  • Business Plan Writing/Power Point Creation
  • Marketing Plan creation
  • Market Research/Industry Analysis

Here are some examples of strategic projects that we've completed:

  • Helped an IT firm rework its business plan and develop a PowerPoint presentation in preparation for meetings with clients, prospects and referrers
  • Assisted a publisher in analyzing options and preparing a business plan for presentation to investors and strategic partners
  • Helped a services firm reposition itself in the marketplace by performing a competitive analysis and recommending development of a sales channel.

Business Plans
At Leads Source, Inc., we believe that every great company starts with a great business plan. Whether you're just starting a business and you're looking for funding or your business is already up and running and you want a roadmap for the future, you're going to need a detailed, comprehensive business plan to help you get where you want to go. Each of our plans contains an executive summary of your business and its goals, a description of your company's products and services, a detailed overview of your company's target market, a competitive analysis, and projections of future sales and profits. By working side by side with our qualified, experienced consultants, our clients tap into decades of entrepreneurial expertise and benefit from our state-of-the-art computers, business planning software and high-speed Internet access.

Here is a list of the type of business planning services that we offer:

  • Business Plan Review
    If you already have a business plan and want us to review it, we'd be happy to help you make a good plan even better! Our Business Plan Review package includes a one-hour consultation with a consultant, a two-hour internal review by our staff, preparation of a detailed one-page analysis of the plan plus a followup session to discuss the plan and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Business Plan Update
    Need to update your business plan to help chart a new direction or help raise money? Let our experience assist you! After your initial visit to our office, we will review your plan, compare your company's financial results to your projections, and help you revise and update your market research, competitive analysis and financial forecasts to reflect the current state of your business and provide a roadmap for where you want to go!
  • Business Plan Creation
    Need a business plan in a hurry? Let us write your business plan for you! After your initial visit to our office, we will research and write a plan specifically tailored to your company and your industry, then review the plan with you, make any additions or changes, and present you with a solid, comprehensive plan to present to your banker or investors. Includes a three-year financial forecast plus market research* on up to three businesses and/or product lines.

* Market research includes a demographic survey of potential customers and basic industry information. This is generally sufficient for a retail or restaurant plan. Specialized research to obtain detailed pricing information, investigate business models and analyze industry data is available for an additional fee.

Virtual Partner Program
At Leads Source, Inc., we believe that, behind every great entrepreneur, is a savvy and sympathetic partner. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to find one. That's why we've created a Virtual Partner Program for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are running their businesses without a partner or an experienced senior management team.

As your Virtual Partner, we'll be your sounding board to give you the advice you need to run your business and to help you take your company to the next level of growth and profitability. You'll get 12 monthly "checkups" with an experienced consultant who will take an in-depth look at your financials, sales and marketing strategy, staffing needs and other key industry indicators to make sure that your business remains on track and to help you address minor issues before they become serious problems.

Here's what our Virtual Partner Program includes:

  • Monthly consultations with an experienced consultant
  • Financial Health Check - In-depth analysis of your company's profit-and-loss statement, balance sheet, receivables aging, cash flow, overhead and debt coverage
  • Sales and Marketing Review - Evaluation of your company's sales lead pipeline, lead-to-sale conversion rate, concentration of clients, planned versus actual marketing expenses, new marketing initiatives, new product development and pricing changes
  • Human Resources Checkup - Examination of your company's headcount, turnover rate, new hires, terminated employees, compensation plan and staff productivity
  • Industry Benchmarking - Competitive analysis of your company's key financial ratios and how they stack up against other companies in your industry
  • Action plan for change, growth and improvement

Business Assessment
Are you thinking about investing in or pursuing a business opportunity? Are you confused by the thousands of available choices? Are you unsure about how much money you're going to make and what kind of return you can expect on your investment? Are you wondering where to locate your franchise to maximize your chances of success?

We can help! At Leads Source, our experienced consultants have evaluated dozens of companies and helped raise capital. We've assisted clients through the process of franchise and site selection. And, unlike a franchisor who's trying to make a sale, our only motivation is helping you analyze your options and find the business opportunity that's right for you!

Our services include:

  • Evaluating industry trends and market conditions
  • Competitive analysis of the franchisor or business opportunity
    arket viability analysis (up to 3 locations)
  • Analysis of business' key indicators (e.g., demographics, margins, sales per square foot, etc.)
  • Development of pro forma P&L and cash flow projections
  • Analysis of marketing needs, costs and activities
  • Assessment of the pro's and con's of the franchise/business opportunity
  • Recommendations for next steps

If you would like to would like to know more, please give us a call at 585-269-3800. Thank you!


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