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The Secrets of Getting Prospects to Come to You

Prospecting SecretsThis complimentary report offers the reader an entire marketing strategy to use for lead generation.  This strategy includes some of the latest tips and tricks not widely known to small, or large businesses. The submit button below will take you to a page where you can either view, or download an 8 page pdf document  (375KB)"Prospects Come to You".

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Prospects Come To You
A Blueprint for Gaining Traction with New Prospects

It's been our experience that successful new business development hinges on the relationships-of-trust that are developed well before the prospect has an actual need for your services.  While on the surface this may appear deceptively straightforward, implementing the process for developing, nurturing and growing these important business relationships is anything but simplistic. 

New clients need to be continuously identified and added to the pipeline.  Unfortunately, the reality is that far too many firms lack a straightforward, simple-to-execute new business pursuit process that is easy to implement. 

The bottom line is that developing new business doesn't need to be some overly cumbersome process, and you don't need to reinvent the wheel each time you want to generate new clients.  The solution is having the methodology in place.  One that doesn't take an enormous amount of time to put into practice.  A process that can be used like the gas peddle on your car, to generate as many (or as few) new clients as you have the internal capabilities to absorb.

 At Leads Source, we focused exclusively on advising high-value firms on strategies for getting new clients.  That's all we do, and our systems have been used successfully since 1994 for firms ranging from highly specialized small firms, two large national firms with significant business development challenges. 

As with any marketing approach, Prospects Come To You isn't appropriate for everyone.  We'd be the first to admit that.  For many firms their existing clients, coupled with some serendipitous referrals are enough to sustain modest growth objectives.  However for a small number of individuals, this relatively passive approach to marketing is simply not enough.  Their desire is for more interesting clients, to be able to pick and choose who they work with and for the ability to turn business away. 

In looking back over 509 clients for whom Prospects Come To You campaigns have been developed, or who have enrolled in our other programs, we have developed a profile of individuals for whom Prospects Come To You is most likely to positively resonate: 

                     You are a CEO or other C-Level Executive in your firm.
                     Your business is focused on providing high-value products or services.
                     Your income is largely determined by the revenue you produce.
You earn in excess of $100,000.
                     You have a serious desire to implement a marketing system that will provide you        you with a consistent flow of interested prospects.
                     You believe that successful new business development hinges on the                   relationships-of-trust that are developed well before the prospect has an actual need.

 If this profile matches you, we encourage you to click on the Submit button above to receive your free copy of Prospects Come To You: a Blueprint for Gaining Traction With New Prospects.  It discusses, using actual case examples, our highly customized seven-step process for credibility and visibility with the key decision makers in your target market.

I believe you'll find the special report to be very helpful and hopefully it will stimulate an interest on your part to learn more about how we might assist you.

Regardless, I think you'll find Prospects Come To You to be valuable reading.




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