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75 Ways to increase your direct mail response

Basic considerations

  1. Make sure that direct mail is a proper medium for your business, that you can use it effectively to contact sufficient number of identifiable and addressable good prospects, with sufficient frequency, at sufficiently low cost, to show a satisfactory net profit on your direct mail efforts.
  2. For direct mail to be most successful, it should offer the right product or service at the right price on the right to payment terms to the right prospects at the right time, in the right manner , to close enough prospects to buy enough of these products or services to provide you with satisfactory net profit.

Action stimulators

  1. Use action stimulators to get recipients to open your envelope.
  2. Use ordering action stimulators from start to finish of your mailing package.
  3. Stimulate action by featuring (in large type or with a simulated rubber stamp imprint). Your cutoff date or time limit on one or more of the the following components:
  4. On the mailing envelope: front, back or both.
  5. At the top of your letter.
  6. On the order form or response vehicle.
  7. On the reply envelope.
  8. On a separate leaflets or other enclosure included in the mailing package for this specified purposes.


  1. Well-illustrated, detailed descriptions in print can do a better selling job than most salespersons . It also makes it easier for the recipient to absorb and understand more of the selling features of the product.
  2. Distinctive personality and copywriting style gives your business , a powerful plus.
  3. Avoid "add-iness" in your copy style. Make copy sincere rather than sophisticated, conversational rather than "cute" or so clever it distracts the reader's attention from the essential selling elements of the message.
  4. Unless you believe in what you're writing, the reader probably won't either.
  5. Design your copy to create rapport with your readers.


  1. Addressing prospects by title , instead of by name offers major advantages.
  2. But slips or pass-along slips containing the titles of persons in the Company or organization , who should see your mailing can vastly increased its circulation.
  3. Pass-along request on the envelope, in the PostScript or on an enclosure may salvage duplicate or misdirected mailing packages.
  4. Make more sophisticated use of your own list , and the lists you rent or buy by looking for those segments of people in a list who buy... And forget the others.
  5. Test selective distribution to your list. Some mailing should go to the entire list , but it may be profitable to stand additional mailings to selected portions of the list.


  1. Simulated "tear-out's" of newspaper stories bearing a brief notation in simulated handwriting attract attention and increase readership and credibility.
  2. Enclosure reprints of newspaper or magazine articles to strengthen believability.
  3. Use reprints to capitalize on favorable mentions in well-known publications.
  4. Pre-prints of company ads or usually more effective than reprints as enclosures.
  5. Including third-party endorsements in your mailing package can hype sales.

Envelopes, mailing

  1. Let the reader. "Peak inside" your mailing envelope through front and/or back windows.
  2. Useful-view window envelopes to display attractive literature, enclosed in your mailing envelope.
  3. Circular windows in mailing envelopes focus attention on the show-through items.
  4. Using mailing envelopes with the windows shaped like the silhouette of your product makes it very distinctive and increases its attention and identification value.

Reply envelopes - Use reply envelopes to:

  1. Summarize and/or expand upon the selling message, offer, premium, etc., presented in the rest of the mailing package.
  2. Offer special inducements -- not mentioned elsewhere -- to purchase the merchandise described in the mailing package.
  3. Illustrate, described and sell merchandise in addition to that offered elsewhere in the mailing package.


  1. Remember that most sales are made after several calls instead of during the first one, so follow-up inquiries and leads numerous times before abandoning them.
  2. Use a simulated "carbon copy" of your original letter for a follow-up mailing.
  3. Use telephone follow-ups to supplement your direct mail campaign.

Direct mail formats

  1. Make your formats has distinctive as possible without distracting attention from the selling message.
  2. Make the distinctive elements of the format fit-and an enhanced-the image of your company and/or your merchandise as much as possible.
  3. Try an unusual format that you've never use before.
  4. Very your formats at frequent intervals to avoid monotony and to strengthen your presentation.
  5. Change the size of your mailing package frequently to increase interest and appeal.

Fund raising,To raise funds by mail:

  1. Be sure to select mailing lists that represent the right markets for your appeal.
  2. Design your mailing pieces to sell your appeal just as other mailing pieces are designed to sell other services or products.
  3. Explain what you're organization is and what it does.
  4. Explain why you're organization needs the money and what it will be used for.

Guarantees and warranties

  1. State sure guarantees and warranties in the strongest possible, legally permissible terms -- and repeat or refer to them often through out the mailing package.
  2. "Sell" your guarantees and warranties right from the start -- beginning with the front of the mailing envelope.

Inquiry handling

  1. Answer inquiries, complaints and complements promptly, completely, adequately and with thanks to the sender.
  2. In replying to increase, give the Inquirer , the information requested plus a strong. "Sell" about the product plus the name, address and phone number of the nearest dealer or salesperson who can supply additional information is desired.

Layout and art

  1. A well-displayed, well-illustrated product increases the sales effectiveness of the mailing.
  2. Give special emphasis to each important elements of the offer so that none of them are buried or overlooked.
  3. Use diagonal indentation to emphasize all items in a large group.
  4. Make liberal use of white space in designing mailing pieces.

Mailing and postage

  1. Melt to your customers more often if you are now mailing for times a year increase the number 26 or eight times a year.
  2. If you increase your number of mailings by 25%. You should increase your sales by approximately the same percentage -- maybe more.


  1. Think of your customers as prospects for your current offer who have bought from you before.

Media, other

  1. Courtney your direct mail advertising with your advertising in other media.
  2. Occupant mail containing coupons has out-pulled coupons in freestanding newspaper inserts more than 2 to 1 for some retailers.


  1. Always clearly defined specific objectives of the mailing before you write copy or make layouts.


  1. Include more offers in your mailing package than you are at present. Study the mailings of firms such as Haband company , which packs a volume of material into its envelope.
  2. How many offers can you include profitably in a mailing package? Only testing can tell.

Order forms/response vehicles

  1. Make your response vehicles sound more important and more beneficial to the prospect by calling it a "special opportunity application." "Reservation certificate" "reservation form" "free information certificate" etc.., instead of just "order form".


  1. Look at your mailing pieces through the eyes of your prospect and be sure the mailing piece answers this question, "what's in it for me?" Clearly, convincingly and persuasively.

Printing and typography

  1. Get to know your printers -- not printer , but printers. Every direct marketer needs different types of printers with different capabilities to come up with different printed pieces at the best possible prices.
  2. Get several quotations each time you by printing, envelopes, letter shop service.


  1. Look for other products , you can successfully sell to your customers.
  2. Making about promoting a new product? First at your customers , if they would be interested in such a product -- in order to more accurately estimate the product's potential profitability -- or lack of it.


  1. Make it is easy as possible for a prospect to respond to your mailing, including supplying a return envelope for the prospect to use for mailing his order to you.


  1. Space , if your product and be sample, test its selling power as an enclosure in your mailing package.
  2. Enclose a sample of your product if practical and suggest ways for the recipient to test it for himself.

Special occasions

  1. Space major anniversaries provide excellent opportunities are special promotions and image enhancement.

Specialty advertising

  1. Space carefully, selected specialty advertising can send sales soaring.
  2. Enclose and foreign coins in a mailing has doubled response for some marketers.


  1. Remember that five basic rules of direct mail: test, test, test, test, test.
  2. Test continuously to discover more effective offers, prices, payment terms, copy, premiums, formats, etc.
  3. Don't be afraid to run without a test if your gamble small.

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