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22 Tactics To Differentiate Your Small Business

There was a time when all whatever's were alike. Or so, small firms acted and that's what customers thought. There was little public promotion explaining competitive differences to the market. That's when there was enough business for everyone. Competitors weren't taking your clients or worse, your prospects even before you could make them your clients.

But not so today. Prospects have wised up.

Now prospects want to know -- demand to know -- why they should choose you and not one of your competitors. They look for the answer in the Yellow Pages or on the web, in fact, in any external promotion. And the business who best answers the question is the one who wins this game in a big way.

Why so big? Because few small firms even know this game exists, and even fewer know how to play well. But you can, because here's 22 ways to differentiate yourself meaningfully. Your not- so- impossible-mission -- if you choose to accept it -- is to pick those that best excite your market. Notice it's not the ones that best fit you or excite you the most. So get out your pencil and start checking and prioritizing.

1. Affordable.
2. Peers or well known people recommend you.
3. Peers or other respected people use you.
4. You teach ("Why go to one of his students when you can go to the professor?").
5. Great experience.
6. Specialization
7. Great expertise in a certain area.
8. You cater to a particular type of company, industry, or size or geography.
9. Specialize in complex or difficult problems.
10. Individualized service (again, remember, you must prove this claim with specifics. ).
11. Convenient location.
12. You come to their business location at their convenience.
13. Conservative
14. Aggressive
15. You have a tradition of service in your business.
16. Quick service.
17. High technology.
18. Highly credentialed.
19. Caring (remember, you must prove each claim with specifics for it to be believable!).
20. Modern
21. Famous
22. You've written a book (Now, you can go to the (your function) who wrote the book.").

Making your claims stick. If you just say it and don't back it up in your promotional copy (and particularly the way you act), forget it. Clients aren't dumb, and they don't buy unsupported assertions. So prove them all. Support them. As they say in Missouri, "Show me!"

Example: on a caring claim, never just say " I care". Instead, talk about how you're the ( insert your function) who will get to know them. So the more thoroughly you know them, often the better the solution to their problem.

That's the reason you take so much time getting to know a new client. So don't expect a quick in- and-out. In fact, your average new client's first visit should take over an hour. It's an investment you make in their business and yours as well. So when someone chooses a (your type business), doesn't it make sense to choose the one who gets to know you? That's good marketing and business practice.

Plus, your employees care (if you have any). In addition, you have Wednesday early morning hours 7 AM - 8:30 AM because you are concerned about those who work their business hard and can't get away during the day. (Lots and lots of support!).

Use facts, figures and your personal quote of your client philosophy. Specifics, specifics, specifics. If you do that, you should be the next winner.


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