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Bill Brennan
President, Leads Source

Since success in marketing is predicated upon understanding of your customers' or clients' point of view and business area of expertise, Bill Brennan's varied and detailed experience works to better understand the details that many others forget or ignore.

Years of Experience to Ensure Your Success
He is proud of the experience he has collected to help guide your business and design the most appropriate marketing programs to achieve your financial growth goals. He has extensive Fortune 500 marketing and business development experience and started 6 small businesses of his own.

While it is easy to make money with multimillion-dollar budgets, it's a talent to do so within small-business-level budgets. He has taught over 1,121 small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to use low cost or no cost marketing and promotional methods to achieve their targets.

An Education Based in Real-World Business
The fundamental marketing tactics Bill learned about in school are still helping him craft customized marketing plans today because they were reinforced by years of successful application.

A Career of Helping Others Achieve Success
When an entrepreneur entrusts Bill to design a marketing plan for their business, he takes that responsibility seriously. Bill does what he does in order to help people, and can't think of anything more gratifying.

That's Only The Start.
His longstanding record of success helps put clients at ease, especially those who are tentative about marketing. His enthusiasm for helping small firms grow their business is contagious.

And because he's helped build multiple successful businesses already, his arsenal of proven marketing strategies is capable of solving almost any marketing challenge that may arise.

Clients trust Bill to know what works for them and their business. That's a responsibility he takes seriously and a challenge he looks forward to. Bill is always excited by having a personal hand in helping people achieve their success. His recommended strategies are those he has seen proven by more than 1,121 small businesses over the past two decades.

Turning Your Vision of Success Into Reality
Marketing is ultimately about vision-building. Once you can envision your individual area of success, you can break it down into the steps that make that dream reality. Bill's goal is to give clients the freedom to focus on what they do best: manage their business.

He does this by calling on his decades of business and marketing experience to design a strategic plan that draws forth the resources a client needs.

Designing Strategies that Work
After guiding thousands of clients toward their goals, Bill has learned which strategies are most powerful, which tactics are appropriate to achieve specific goals and how to reach clients' objectives by drawing on years of experience of what he knows has worked in the past - and what hasn't. This valuable knowledge and experience allows him to make recommendations with confidence.

Summary of Experience
Director of Sales and Marketing for an IT firm
Marketing Director for Fortune 500 company
Started 6 small service and retail businesses.
Works easily with huge "mega" businesses, tiny "shoestring" start-ups and everything in between.

Post-Graduate Studies
City University of New York,
Rochester Institute of Technology,
MIT Sloan School Business School Programs,
Harvard University Senior Management Strategy.


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