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The following are statements from business principals who tried MICRO MARKETING or participated in Seminars or Workshops and had something to say about the experience.

Marketing Tips on "Small Business Startup and Survival"

"I am a former COO of a division of a Fortune 500 company that was "downsized." My initial interest in MICRO MARKETING was to do a better job of getting my consulting business off the ground. I followed the program… every step of the way. I can honestly say that I was more than pleasantly surprised to see the almost immediate success. I am still amazed at the results."
Jack Barrett
New York
"You raised a lot of issues I deal with in personal finances, but have ignored in my business. You made me think about why I expect my yearly business tax information to be enough information for my whole year."

"Can't wait to implement many of your suggestions. Thanks!"

Marge Cavalcanti
"My clients have found that MICRO MARKETING was exactly what they needed. We have worked in a variety of industries and MICROMARKETING  is consistently perceived as an extremely cost effective way to gain a competitive edge."
Ken Levine
"I expect my business to grow 10 -20% because…I may become more organized and keep on top of finances and to look for customers that will help my business grow."
Babe Perno
"I have been in the direct mail industry for years but have never seen such a well thought out program that meets the needs of small businesses and professionals who want to build relationships with prospects and turn them into valuable clients."
David C. Hancock
North Carolina
"I specifically liked Bill Brennan's information on the business plan. I need to implement goal setting. I expect sales growth of > 20%"
Janet M. Calabrese Rochester, NY
"Thanks for all of your great input. I am looking forward to our meeting….. This Marketing Plan is really throwing me for a LOOP! :) I know how to do my job, but this kind of stuff really boggles my mind, so I really appreciated all of your suggestions. You have great ideas!! I really appreciate all of your input. Thank you so much for all of your help and GUIDANCE!!!!"
Angela Hall
"Learning about micro marketing has been among the most valuable and practical opportunities I have ever explored. The concept is simple yet intelligent. Any business person can learn it and have at their disposal, a means of marketing which is methodic and inexpensive. The added value of having you as a teacher/guide makes this opportunity too good to ignore. "
Bill Ranieri
"Very thorough. Handouts are applicable (to my market)."
Sandi Willsey Lerner
"I have seen a lot of programs in the past. Most of them were more hype than anything else. I fully believe in the concept of Micro Marketing and it's benefits for small business in meeting their new business goals. It works!"
Loren Hansen
"Your suggestions were very concrete and clear…made them seem doable." (Bill) is very good at adapting info to our small business."
Katy Neary

"I want to thank you so much for all the help you have given me with MICRO MARKETING. Each month is bringing more and more success. Your help and counseling are greatly appreciated. "
Bill Carlson
"I just wanted to place on record how very impressed I am with the quality of your Micro Marketing programme. I have got to know it pretty well and in my view it is an absolute winner in helping small businesses market themselves more effectively in the UK."
Letitia G Billson
London, England
"These materials are allowing me to put together my own program on marketing a specialized service to resell to others. The time reduction and sizzle that your material adds is incredible. "
Rod L. Pennock
"Your patience is only matched by the quality of your concept. Whether you know it or not, you are a real 'mensch.'"
Rick Hyman
"He tailored his talk to our industry. He did amazing."
Nancy Hogan



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